Modifying user path w/o Admin rights

Just the other day I was asked by a colleague, ” if our corporate laptops are protected that we do not have admin privileges, how are you able to do any development work?  I cannot do anything”.

That’s a great question.  However, MS Windows OS has gone over a few transformations and a lot of applications are written in a way that promotes usage w/o elevation.  Yet, some basic things are still puzzling. For example, user path variable.  The system path should be protected as it is set by admin installation of programs etc, but changing path for a user to ensure that one application can be started quickly w/o knowing the full path should be simple. But, it is anything but simple.

Going to User Accounts is not an option as you will quickly get an error screen either due to elevation restriction or basic GPO set by IT.  But there is another way. You can utilize the rundll32.exe to invoke the GUI directly.

rundll32 sysdm.cpl,EditEnvironmentVariables

I’ll continue exploring more ways to manage my workstation w/o elevation as i spend more time living with new fun policy.


Office 365 Network

In case you are not aware, but the Office 365 Network on Yammer is moving to a new platform, here is the official announcement. Come checkout Office 365 Network Preview and get your profile set up and start monitoring that platform.  It looks pretty good.  Based on the Yammer pin board messages, the network is moving in September.

I am actually excited because at my company the Yammer SSO was very cumbersome and now this will be a thing of the past as the new platform, built on top of Lithium social platform, allows open search and collaboration via open identity providers i.e. Live Id or O365 Identity.

Now, I still think that the best platform for answering the technical support questions is the Microsoft Office Community forum site which, unfortunately, I am only able to monitor scarcely these days.  This new platform is more towards socializing with the developer team and other thought leaders for

Go and explore it now!